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What is a therapy session like?

What actually happens during a therapy or counseling session? What types of issues and problems are suitable for therapy? And what benefits can a therapy session provide?

Each counseling or therapy session is, essentially, a problem-solving session. You describe your current situation, and your feelings about it, and then the therapist uses his or her expertise to assist you in trying to resolve that problem so you can move closer to having the life you wish to have.

At your first session, I will invite you to share what's been going on in your life, what's on your mind, what's bothering you, and if there are any goals you'd like to discuss. I'll invite you to speak openly. I will listen and may take notes as you speak. You won't be criticized, interrupted or judged as you speak. Your conversation will be kept in the strictest confidence. This is a special, unique type of conversation in which you can say exactly what you feel without worrying that you're going to hurt someone's feelings, damage a relationship, or be judged in any way. It's okay to say anything you need or want to say. Because I consider counseling or therapy a collaborative partnership, I am very transparent about my thoughts on what you are experiencing and share them with you. I may ask questions about your childhood or early life if I believe it might be relevant to the issues you bring up. I will never ask you to discuss anything you do not feel comfortable discussing.

During later sessions we will work together to see what types of skills or tools might be helpful to you. What those are totally depends on what we decide will be useful to you and what has not been useful. I generally give clients some homework to complete after a session. Your homework might be anything from doing breathing exercises to filling out a scale about what you avoid, to going to a meet-up that week. In other words, anything that is relevant to your goals.

My sessions are generally about 50 minutes, although your first appointment may last longer. How many times you come to therapy or counseling depends on both your circumstances and what we decide is needed to help you find solutions to your problems.

I am an active and involved participant in the therapy process. I am a good listener. However, I also believe in providing as much information as possible to my clients. I am not afraid of bringing up difficult issues or of your emotional reactions. I want your time with me to be time in which you feel safe and secure, knowing that I truly respect and value you as a person.

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Appointments available:

Wednesday - Friday   11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
Saturday - 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Specializing in personality disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, ADD, domestic violence and relatioship issues.

Teatment Orientation: DBT, CBT
Behavior Activation
Brief Solution Focused Therapy
Exposure Therapy

Please call for rates, some insurance accepted.


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